Recent dreams

1. I am doxed because of my Genshin Impact Server Administrator clout and incredibly desirable personality and buttocks

"dreamt that a coup was started against me and my password was stolen for the sole purpose of transferring ownership of my genshin impact lore server. everyone was really mad at me (valid) for reasons unknown (valid) and i got beat up and harassed and my loved ones were threatened unless i gave them my password. the server transferred ownership and flourished."

2. Rivers Cuomo as Moses

"rivers cuomo kills me into a river that opens up into a huge barren desert wasteland; he parts it like crossing the red sea, walking slowly to me as i am paralyzed. i briefly open my eyes to see a sleep paralysis demon in front of me. i feel ripping in my chest as rivers cuomo says... weee----"

3. Bookshop

"submit a book to this bookshop that creates 2.5 copies, one copy on display around the bookshp, people spend ages looking for books theyve submitted/remembered/lost to it. we do this on a trip. mother & gmother finally find a book theyve been searching for, old & cracked that has a teleserye-like title with some unknown meaning to them. this is all housed in a large, weird moa-like mall. i ravage everything to give htem a chance to read in peace"