1. Possible reasons to have sex with me, Richard Ayoade's Submarine (2010)

i know i know but i was a teenager and wanted to be charmed by someone with a large vocabulary

1. You're fatally in love with me
2. Best to do it before it's legal
3. Bound to be disappointing, so why wait?

2. Michael Ratner's Four Key Principles of Being a Radical Lawyer

1. Do not refuse to take a case just because it has long odds of winning in court.
2. Use cases to publicize a radical critique of US policy and to promote revolutionary transformation.
3. Combine legal work with political advocacy.
4. Love people.

3. Web Design as Architecture

this one introduced me to speculative design, taught me to value space in the digital sphere, taught me worlding could be applied to product and web design, etc

Websites are local, despite their distributed nature.
Websites adhere to culturally established patterns, languages and user expectations in similar ways architecture does. Buying an onigiri from a 7-11 branch is different from buying a pretzel from a Bavarian bakery.