Long things

1. The Battlefield Where The Moon Says I Love You, Poem

also my favorite poem of all time (if it isn't cheating). a 15000 line poem by frank stanford (whose life and works i am obsessed with) numbered almost biblically, void of any stanza or punctuation. my copy of this is dogeared and highlighted and worn and loved (and i am now doing this with a second copy!)

it is an outrageous, dreamy, tragic, and beautiful amalgamation of stories with a narrator you become and detach from and resent and then love... no book has also come closer to making me actually see (aphantasia vibes) as it matches my stream of consciousness (where i feel i only "think" but dont really see words or whatever). i've reread this book 6 times and i think i'm barely beginning to divide it into my own thing, stories so grim then sacrilegous. endless worlds. i am so happy that we live in a time where we can easily access stanford's work

2. Dekalog, Film Series

oh no it's something themed after the commandments and it's a website made by someone with a lot of religious guilt and desire for identity / solid morality!

while of course on a spectrum, each movie is very clearly bound to one of the sacred commandments and also tethered by actor artur barcis (in all but two of the films) and milk....

3. The Subspace Emissary's Worlds Conquest, Fanfiction

First published in 2008 and last updated in 2018 (of course it's unfinished), this incredible cross-over work stars AuraChannelerChris' OC and a Lucario. I used to be updated on this fic until sometime in middle school and was just enthralled by its LENGTH (this is what started my obsession with long = good; but now I'm pretty sure anything with this much time and attention and love put into it is innately good in some way, rawness valued and no curation/cutting needed). It's not written particularly well (but you can also see the author's evolution across a decade from literally using the fic as a way to leanr English which is !!!!!!!) and it's no longer the longest fanfic (looots surpass it now), but it builds upon a world I have imagined myself (OC-ified) and companions in so many times.

My interest in this is also probably an internet thing; Subspace Emissary being the subject just based on it being the closest one I fixated on. (I was never a huge fanfiction person aside from reading sensual Akatsuki fics I probably shouldn't have, so me committing to this was kind of a thing.) How many works of art with incalculable amounts of effort exist for us to consume for free? The act of generating fanfic/fanart is just so selfless and funny to think about for me!!

anyone wanna bet on when this will update again

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