1. SCP–3999 – I Am At The Center of Everything That Happens To Me

SCP-3999 cannot be contained at the present moment, and currently poses a ZK Class End-of-reality scenario. The most advisable course of action is for Researcher Talloran, believed to be the focal point of SCP-3999, to remove himself from contact with all Foundation sites and personnel to avoid further collateral damage to Foundation property. It is theorized that if Researcher Talloran is contained in an extremely secluded area, then the destructive capabilities of SCP-3999 will temporarily cease

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2. SCP-3333 – The "Tower"

The trapdoor leading to SCP-3333 is to remain shut and locked at all times. At least one operative is to remain posted under SCP-3333 at all times to prevent entry or exit. The door to SCP-3333 is to be examined for signs of damage daily.

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3. SCP-1762 – Here Be Dragons

"SCP-1762-1 is a plain, cardboard box that is 32 cm x 20 cm x 26 cm. It is spray-painted silver on the interior and exterior, and the words "HERE BE DRAGONS" are handwritten in black permanent marker on the lid of the container. Opening the lid of SCP-1762-1 when it is not in the process of a release reveals it to be empty."

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