Shows (music)

1. Explosions in the Sky, Wanderland (2017)

at the very front and center of the stage. they came out about an hour later than expected (shitty wanderland timing as usual) and barely played for 40 minutes, but i held my best friend's hand as 'first breath after coma' burst into being and for a brief moment, everything in the world was right and mine. i felt like this couldn't be the last time i felt like this

kind of a silly cliche band to have this experience to but :)..

2. Deerhoof at The State House (2019)

i had a very homesick, lonely, reclusive first year at yale. this show happened on the day of spring fling, which is where everyone gets blackout drunk for a fun weekend. i woke up at 5pm and tried to like go around and experience things but old campus was incredibly muddy and everything was gloomy and i was just feeling the awful weight of running an electoral project 12 hours behind on my back and barely knowing anyone here!

i saw the deerhoof show happening, it was 21+ and greg saunier personally brought me into the state house after seeing my message (and they still follow me somehow!), and suddenly i felt so so alive hearing lil songs from la isla bonita and mountain moves play. i think this experience is what made me believe that music can carry and be friend to my loneliness.. the greatest part of being in america thus far

3. Awakebutstillinbed, I'm Glad It's You, Floral Tattoo in some Seattle backyard (2021)

my first show after the pandemic! (i do not count a really terrible emo night dj party i went to as a show.) i knew nobody but i saw one of the folks playing with a 'my back is killing me baby' sticker on their bass and i knew i was home.

just.. the smallness of a crowd and screaming along with sharon, elderly ladies from the house right behind the yard coming out and dancing and cheering, hearing 'minor acts of cannibalism' and 'curbside' live after years of loving it in high school.. what a fantastic start to a renewed life filled with and committed to music