Video game maps

1. Pear Quest (Sokpop Collective)

An entire island and game contained in one screen!! From my favorite game developer, Sokpop Collective, the tiny world of Pear Quest is also printed on my room :')

Visit (Steam)

2. F2P Runescape Map

mostly because this map is more committed to memory than any other place to me in the waking world.. which is kind of crazy. one time my middle school friend invited me to log on and scam people together and i was his accomplice and felt so so so remorseful after a successful log-out scam that i avoided that game area for months

rip runescape and wargirl417. dont know what its like now and kind of dont want to know

3. Warcraft 3 Divide and Conquer

this isn't as much of a "map" as the others but this is the first map in a game that i knew how to really mechanically PLAY. i probably played over a thousand games on this map and became so mechanically precise/punishing on it which is pretty cool for a 9 year old