1. LibraryOfBabel.info

after the jorges' short "the library of babel", jonathan basile developed an online library contemplating the variation of the 23 letters... it algorithmically generates all of humanity's greatest secrets—and an infinite amount of gibberish with it. things are accessible by search or can be narrowed down to the exact hex/wall/shelf/volume. it is ridiculosuly fun, has an incredible theory section, and is a wonderful exercise onto what speculative realms the digital can unlock for us. a huge huge huge influence on the way i think about the web and fiction

my favorite thing on the internet.


2. orteil.dashnet.org/nested

from the maker of cookie clicker, "nested" is a universe simulator unlocked through nested lists. i love love worldbuilding through the web browser, and nested's procedural generation is so fun and readable - you can right-click and spoil it all for yourself if you'd like! my favorite thing too is that nested has its own spin-off wiki (orteilsnested.fandom.com) with hundreds of pages

I made a Sound Art piece based off Nested called 'House' lmao it sucks but it fueled my interest in field recordings and open-source sound and tooling. house is at https://chi.itch.io/house

Visit House

3. GuessThatAlbum.com

i discovered this on /mu/ like everyone else.... i am in the top 100 and love this dumb niche website and how everyone has the same music taste and i enjoy my little 'bit' of replacing every title in the image with weezer and i think im in love with this one user ive had 5 interactions with and also the guy who draws 40 mung daal albums in one day every few months

my username is chia.