Things I've written

1. To All Our Noontime Saviors, Non-fiction

i wrote this for a non-fiction writing class at yale back in 2019 and was told to submit it for an award and i never did that

a contemplation on gameshow culture and living with the villars as my backyard neighbors, timeline is a sprawling mess and the memory a hard one to swallow.

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2. The unfinished Homura Akemi Character Analysis

i think it's just funny and manic and a sign of what i could do if i were unstoppable

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3. Really cringe poem I wrote when I was 15 for my first ex

was really debating the inclusion of this on the list since i don't want it to be surfaced any more but sometimes i look at this and how badly and awfully it was written (pretty sure i made everything on a notes app while on a family dinner trip to silang) but staring into the very direct, fumbly soul of my 15 year old self and what they believed was love and what they believed their love could manifest into and how these ceilings are infinitely higher... i wish i could have been kinder to myself

something to look back to every few years. also can you believe this poem i wrote at 15 years old is called "vows" - i need to chill

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