skribble of chia

Chia (b. 2000, tondo) is in radical pursuit of the web, words, & worlding — entwining themselves in a world where no being is irredeemable. Based in New Haven, finishing up their senior year studying Computing & the Arts at Yale.
Previously, they've coded & designed at Spotify, Kumu, Rappler, and many startups & community organizations. Incoming Product Designer at Figma exploring design tooling, education, and communities.

Presently focusing on creation, music writing, and community building. Specifically nurturing Filipino technologists at Developh, running a studio & fun events at Design at Yale & Friends of Figma at Yale, crafting an artsy game engine for my thesis, and launching an experimental press/label/whatever out of my studio apartment.

Also I am making a book (but it's a compilation). ALSO I'm very interested in music journalism, working with independent labels, etc. on design/web/community. If it wasn't clear enough, my practice is about gathering—what people create when the potential of making is shared and ubiquitous.
Here's my resume. Portfolio available upon request. Currently open to freelance work. 🌸

Broadly interested in: net art, worlding (read: maintaining a paracosm, cartography, conlangs), systems, tooling, indie games, speculative design, archival, internet histories, field recordings, making shitty ambient music, how everyone deserves a biography, slow cinema, long poetry, editing Wikipedia, and falling in love with my friends. 👋 Talk to me about any and all of this!

(In order of most frequently used to least then the music stuff, also generally @hotemogf everywhere)

Selected Publishing & Talks

Worlding a New Philippines Design is Fantasy — UX+ 2021


You can find most of these on my blog, because I never publish anywhere else.

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Link dump of experiments, projects, and other fun stuff. A dream to be prolific, to create more than I consume, and to collaborate with those I love.

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Senior Spring Bucket List



Newsletter & Personal Discord

I send very occasional emails about what I make. So occasional that I only sent one out in 2017 because I feel guilty of the space I occupy in people's inboxes. I'll actually be using this now, promise.


I also have a personal Discord where I share updates with friends and acquaintances alike! I find it easier to talk in group settings because I easily get overwhelmed 1:1 + I'd love for this to be an avenue for me to know more people and collaborate! Come join!


Thank you! Please talk to me! I am lonely!